Marketing Design & Strategies

Survival of the Fittest: Marketing and Design Strategies

In today’s fast-paced and fully integrated world, businesses must maintain their agility in order to survive. To succeed in the cutthroat global marketplace of the 21st century, forward-thinking companies must not fail to embrace the right tactics and strategies. In light of this stark reality, this blogsite attempts to demystify the often confusing world of marketing and design strategy, with a view to helping small businesses navigate through today’s rough-and-tumble marketplace. Here, upper-level executives can find helpful guidance on the best market and design strategies for their needs, regardless of their company’s particular size, circumstances or segment.

Graphic Design and Marketing

29 May 2022

A good graphic designer can be a crucial element when developing a marketing strategy. An eye-catching campaign is necessary to attract new customers and draw them away from competitors. The designer should collaborate with the copywriter to better understand the target audience they wish to reach.

How to Create a Marketing Strategy

19 Apr 2022

Any business, whether a start-up or well-established, needs a sound marketing strategy. The first step is to identify any competitors and study what is working for them. Next, a plan needs to be drawn up to set out goals and define the marketing budget.

Social Media Strategies

12 Mar 2022

Developing a social media strategy is undoubtedly crucial for any business in today's technological age. The first step is to set goals, followed by researching the target audience. Checking out any competitors is next in the process, and completing a social media audit will be necessary at some stage.