How to "DO IT" in an Elevator


Have you ever tried to DO IT in an elevator? You know, pitch an idea or your business to a complete stranger?

Here’s how it might have gone:

Someone asks you, "What do you do?" and you fumble around as if you are in the dark, looking for words to describe your product or service, or what your business does even though you know your business inside and out?

If this has happened to you before, then you need an elevator pitch.

It’s called an elevator pitch because you should be able to DO IT during a short elevator ride. That’s all the time it should take to clearly articulate what you do and how you provide value.

Here are the components of a good 60 second elevator pitch.

  • WHO ARE YOU?—First and foremost, introduce yourself and share the business you represent.

  • WHAT DO YOU DO?—Describe the core service or product your business offers in a clear, concise sentence .

  • HOW DO YOU DO IT?—What methods do you use that show you are successful in what you do and how are they unique or better than your competition.

  • WHAT DO YOU DELIVER?—What do people or other businesses get when they work with you or purchase your products.

  • WHO YOU WORK WITH?—Which industries or demographics will benefit from your business.

Once you have it written down, take time to practice and rehearse it out loud. It doesn’t have to be exact each time, and it shouldn’t sound canned. And if you have employees who might interface with people who could represent your target market, then make sure they are equipped with the same, or very similar pitch. They should all be about 95% the same content and messaging.

That’s it. Doing it in an elevator should only take 60 seconds. Quick. Clear. Concise.


Pat Scully is a 25 year veteran in the branding, advertising and marketing realms, and lead creative for STORM + SAVAGE MARKETING. He is widely respected throughout the Southeast for his creative vision, and has a reputation for being a “way-out-of-the-box” thinker and creative.