Chris Scully

Chief Analyst

Chris is the "numbers guy" and chief analyst for Killer Shark Marketing, and uses his giftings and experience to assist Jeff and Pat with connecting "the art of branding and marketing" with "the science of lead conversion."

After earning his degree from Wake Forest University, Chris traveled the world, even living in Australia for a short season. When he returned to the States, he began a career in sales for his family's international business located in Miami, FL. But after helping grow the 3-generation-old family company, Hurricane Andrew's rage through South Florida, which leveled much of Miami including the business he and his family worked so hard to build, forced Chris to plan his next move. 

"Andrew" became a blessing to Chris, awakening his entrepreneurial spirit which led him to make a move to Atlanta in pursuit of his own business to build and grow. And it was in Atlanta where he became involved with a popular health club company, a company he eventually purchased and helped grow over a 15-year period. It was during this time that Chris had to learn and master the art of marketing a business. It was also during this time that he diligently studied accounting and finance in order to be best equipped to strategically plan his company's growth. 

Eventually, Chris sold and exited his business, an experience which afforded him the opportunity to “live out” the entire life cycle of a business from start to finish. And, having been exposed to analytics of all kinds, a thirst for actionable data directed him into management consulting. Chris worked with scores of companies over a 7-year period, primarily in business planning, marketing and operating model advisory, and performance acceleration. 

Then in 2016, he joined forces with Jeff Hopeck (one of his closest friends) to help Killer Shark Marketing take the next step. Killer Shark was already a well-established company but was yearning for a 2.0 version of itself. Jeff knew that in order to continue to grow his marketing firm, he needed someone with the work ethic and business experience that Chris had to offer. And Chris has been Jeff's trusted "Lieutenant" ever since.

Chris lives in Atlanta with his wife of 22 years, Angela, and their Siberian huskies. Chris and his wife are active in charities related to animals, aids, cancer, and veterans affairs. Some of his favorite topics or activities are Liverpool soccer, fishing, Siberian huskies and German Shepherds, rock music, and history. And his love of cowboy boots gives he, Jeff, and Pat something to talk about when they’re not talking shop. 

Interests & Passions