Jeff Hopeck

Founder & President

Jeff is the founder and President of Killer Shark Marketing. He has become known in the medical and dental communities as the "Practice Improvement Specialists," and his very broad business and marketing expertise has touched and grown dozens of business and practices all of the country for the past decade.

Jeff founded Killer Shark in 2009 with one goal in mind—To help business and practice owners leveraging the internet to market and grow their businesses. And that is exactly what he and Killer Shark Marketing have been doing since the firm opened its doors.

But, business and marketing were not what Jeff had dreamed of doing while growing up in his hometown of Hazleton, PA. Jeff's childhood dream was to become a U.S. Secret Service Officer. So, after getting a college education, Jeff picked his childhood dream back up and after a grueling 2-year application process (background checks, physical testing, psychological evaluations), was hired as one of the youngest U.S. Secret Service Officers with his first duty being at the White House.

In 2005 he was selected to be part of the Presidential Advance Team where he was required to travel not only within the US, but also to places like India, Germany, Spain, Canada, and Mongolia.

After this season of serving the country he loves, he began thinking about all the things he might want to do with his time. And, where he kept landing was right where he is today—Helping Doctors and Companies leverage the internet to market and grow their practices and businesses.