Jason Foote    (Owner, Web Design by Jason) and   Jeff Hopeck    (Owner of Killer Shark Marketing)

Jason Foote (Owner, Web Design by Jason) andJeff Hopeck (Owner of Killer Shark Marketing)

Having Web Design By Jason become a part of Killer Shark Marketing was a long process, but will benefit everyone involved. The acquisition will simplify billing, streamline updates, and provide additional options and resources to clients that were previously not available. Jeff and I have similar philosophies in business and we both believe that nothing is more important than delivering a quality, result driven service to our clients.

Jeff has assembled a small team of specialists over the last decade that are the best in their respective fields, and having experts available for the different elements of websites and online marketing allows the client to have the best people working on all aspects of their website. We all have our strengths and weaknesses and while it is possible for one person to be very proficient in multiple disciplines, it is impossible for a single person to be an expert in all the areas that are now required in the rapidly expanding web marketing arena. This need for a team of specialists to deliver the best overall product for website clients was at the core of this decision to become a part of Killer Shark Marketing.


Really not a lot unless you as the client want it to.


Instead of paying by check you will pay by electronic check (ACH transfer) and instead of the payment going to Web Design By Jason via snail mail it will now go to Killer Shark Marketing electronically.


Your site will be hosted on a new server, the server switch will be made free of charge and without site downtime. The new server will load your page even faster and has backup services in place.


Updates needed on your site will now be sent to Janell (janell@killersharkmarketing.com). Janell will route the update to the team member that is best suited to get the update completed the fastest and most effectively. You will get a confirmation that she received your update or change and she will let you know when it is done. This will not only help streamline the process and speed things up, but it will make sure the team member that specializes in that area gets it done. This process also helps keep our prices competitive while delivering the best service possible.


Instead of a 4 line linked design credit and large WDBJ logo at the bottom of your website you will now simply have "Powered By Killer Shark" and small shark logo seen below.



There will also be a variety of additional services available including Facebook page and advertising management, review plugins, client instant photo upload applications, and much more.


The Site

The most current version or your site with all current updates is up on the Killer Shark server. For some clients we will need to point your domain from the old server to the new one, but we have your site in both locations for the change to eliminate downtime.


Unless you request or are interested in some new service or you are ready to update your older site your monthly price stays the same.

Service and Reliability

You will get the same great service and reliability you have had in the past but now even better due to more resources and available people.

US Designers

US Based designers and specialists, your original site was built, hosted, and maintained in the US by a US developer (me), that stays the same as the entire Killer Shark team is located here in the States, primarily Fernandina Beach, FL and Atlanta, GA.


Availability and support, with more team members your site will be taken care of and changes will be made more quickly by Atlanta and Fernandina Beach team members. Your site was originally built by me in Fernandina Beach. Your site will now be maintained, and when you are ready, rebuilt by a team located in Fernandina Beach and Atlanta.


Long time Web Design By Jason client The Crab Trap recently upgraded their website as part of the transition to Killer Shark.